Featured Research

  • Buzzer WebDi Balik Fenomena Buzzer: Memahami Lanskap Industri dan Pengaruh Buzzer di Indonesia

    Peneliti: Rinaldi Camil, Natasha H. Attamimi, dan Klara Esti Dengan pengguna aktif mencapai 106 juta dan pertumbuhan pengguna aktif mencapai 34% (We Are Social, 2016), media sosial di Indonesia tumbuh menjadi pasar yang menarik secara ekonomis maupun politis. Peluang meraup Read More

  • NDILocal Initiatives in Open Government

    Author: Fajri Siregar, Leonardus K. Nugraha, Mona Luthfina Usmani, and Wirawan Agahari English This report examines the implementation of Open Government on the regional level in the Indonesian context. By looking at the cases of Mojokerto, Pontianak and Tangerang, this research suggests Read More

  • RICEResearch in Creative Economy: A Module

    Author: Leonardus K. Nugraha, Klara Esti, and Mona Luthfina Usmani English This document offers a tool for policy makers, creative practitioners, or the leaders in grass root to elevate the understanding and awareness on creative economy unique ecology. Using Makassar Read More

  • KooperasiCooperative’s Contributions Towards Inclusive Development

    Author: Ferzya Farhan and Daya C. Sudrajat English Lessening the inequality among people and ensures the ecosystem balance is a key priority in Inclusive Development (ID). Its cover economic, social, ecological and citizen rights aspect. Inclusive development is a universal Read More