Research Areas


CIPG’s current priority research is set across three wide agendas:  namely Knowledge and Transformation, Inclusive Development, and Innovation, Information, Change.


In all areas we consistently look for key themes, namely Innovation, Policy and Governance.

Science, technology and innovation | Inclusive Development | Information and Social Change

CIPG Circle


Science, technology and innovation


What kind of innovation does Indonesia need? Who should produce it? These are just two among many questions this research area likes to address. And aims to answer.

Past research

  • Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID)

Current research

  • Reforming Research in Indonesia


Inclusive development


This research area deals with questions on how to bring about quality growth in Indonesia amidst a vastly changing world.

Past research

  • Innovation for Inclusive Development (IID)

Current research

  • Creative Cities in Indonesia


Information and social change


Technological innovations brings new discoveries. And questions.   This research area investigates the tensions between rapidly changing media and public interest.

Past Research

  • Unboxing Television in Contemporary Indonesia

Current Research

  • Cyber Security in Indonesia