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Mapping Media Policy in Indonesia

Author: Yanuar Nugroho, PhD; Fajri Siregar; Shita Laksmi

This report aim to highlight the trajectory of media policy in Indonesia and to assess its impacts on the different forms of media themselves and on the citizens and their rights, particularly with regards to their media rights. Such rights, in this study, are referred to as the right to access media infrastructure, to access trustworthy information and quality media content, and to participate in the media policy-making process.

In summary, the more one takes a close look at the current mediasphere, the more the importance of media policy becomes obvious. The advancement, and decline of, citizen’s rights to media depends entirely on its disposition. Nevertheless, the public sphere is actually open for active engagement of citizens. At this point, the citizen’s right to media has unfolded itself as a right which cannot be taken for granted, but one which must be fought for.

Download report here: English or Bahasa Indonesia

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