Report Launching on Media Policy and Industry in Indonesia

These report are part of report series of “Ëngaging Media Empowering Society”.

There will be two reports in this event which is:

  1. Media Policies in Indonesia: A trajectory and historical account is A desk study is to be conducted aiming at mapping the media policies in Indonesia, both existing and laws in drafts. It will also collate the data on the impacts of the policies to the citizens’ rights to media. The purpose is to have a systematic historical trajectory (longitudinal qualitative accounts) of media policies and its implications in Indonesia.
  2. The Profile of Media Industry in Indonesia is another desk study is to profile the Indonesian media industry through publicly available information and data (including news in the media, statistical analysis of the figure collected through the survey by the National Survey Agency (SUSENAS)), and grey literatures alike. The profile will provide a big picture of the media industry and business landscape in Indonesia, with clear hints to the access to media which is available to public.
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