The Making of Buzzer: Identifying Online Influencers in Indonesia

Research Period: February-May 2017

Social media has recently become a phenomenon in Indonesia. With rapid growth and approximately more than 100 million active social media users, it has become an attractive market not only for global brands but also politicians, celebrities and government. They use social media for many purposes including advertising, promotion and political purposes.

One of many ways to spread words and generate online conversation in social media is through buzzer. There is currently no rigid definition of buzzer.  One of the common definitions is someone with a twitter and thousands of followers who is paid to tweet.  Although the definition still fluid,  Buzzer has been considered as important part in driving online discourse in Indonesia. Due to this matter, there is still many questions regarding the definition of buzzer and how buzzer really works.

Toward qualitative and quantitative approaches, this research aims to understand the definition, origin of buzzer and how buzzer influences public opinion in Indonesia, specifically in the context of industry and politics.

Researchers: Mohammad Rinaldi Camil,  Natasha Hassan Attamimi, Klara Esti

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