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Mapping the Cyber Policy Landscape: Indonesia

Commissioned by: Global Partners Digital

Author: Leonardus K. Nugraha and Dinita A. Putri

According to Internet Live Stats, Indonesia has 53,236,179 internet users – the 12th largest population of active internet users in the world. In terms of social media activities, Indonesia is considered highly connected and active. Today, Indonesia has the 4th largest Facebook user base and the 5th largest Twitter user base in the world. Combined with the growth of the e-commerce market, these numbers alone are sufficient to highlight the importance of ICT sector in Indonesia.

A growing reliance on ICTs also poses an increase in risk – evoking the old truism that technology can be both enabling and threatening. Having a comprehensive system that protects both users and information is therefore important. However, governing the cyber world can be perplexing. Based on the data from Ministry of Communication and Informatics, there have been 36.6 million attacks on internet networks in Indonesia in just the past three years. This vulnerability is caused by several issues hindering the ideal practice of cyber governance, such as a lack of coordination between actors in cybersecurity. The unprecedented freedom of information and data raises the question of who will be responsible for governing it and protecting the safety of citizens.

Mapping the Cyber Policy Landscape: Indonesia was carried out from May 2016 – August 2016. The purpose of this study is to map the cyber policy landscape in Indonesia. This will cover the relevant actors, interactions between actors, existing regulations and the interrelation between regulations.

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