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Critical Research Methodology Training

This workshop is part of our current project entitled “Engaging Media, Empowering Society”, a project collaboration between CIPG and Hivos which funded by Ford Foundation.

The Critical Research Methodology (‘CREAME’) training is the first phase of the series of training and mentoring for Indonesian civil society organisations (CSOs) on critical research skill, media policy and human rights organised by CIPG and HIVOS for the period of fourteen months starting September 2011 to November 2012. These activities are part of the project funded by The Ford Foundation.

The training was designed solely for civil society organisations activists and aimed to empower the Indonesian civil society organisations to conduct methodologically-rigour critical research and to effectively engage media policy and human rights inIndonesia. In this training, CIPG and HIVOS invited four partner CSOs as participants. This selection was based on the initial discussion during the inception of the project in order to have an initial set of partners who have well-known reputation in the issue and had partnership with either HIVOS or Ford Foundation in the past.

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