Campaigning for clean energy in Indonesia: In search of strategy

Research Period: April – May

Indonesia boasts plenty of alternative energy resources. However, Indonesia’s energy consumption is still dominated by fossil fuel. A larger movement is therefore needed to articulate the need to move away or decouple from conventional energy production methods. A critical mapping is important to understand the landscape of the movement to end fossil fuel, as well as the dynamics and power relations amongst stakeholders in Indonesia

The purpose of this study is to map the strategic action to take in promoting the anti-fossil based movement. This study will identify actors, media and also events which can act as a campaign drivers to create a massive and effective narrative as a refusal on fossil-based fuel. In the end, this research will provide recommendations about stakeholders, campaign strategy including media engagement trend, and potential base of the movement to end fossil fuel in Indonesia

Researchers: Fajri Siregar, Ferzya Farhan, Natasha Hassan Attamimi

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