Organisation Profile

Centre for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) is a research-based advisory group that aspires to excel in the area of science, technology, innovation and governance.

Evolving from a study group of Indonesian scholars abroad since 2007, CIPG was officially established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2010. The Centre is considered to be among the first advisory groups in Indonesia with keen interest in building Indonesian research capacities across many sectors.

CIPG’s excellence rests on the rigorousness of our research process, and on the relevance of our activities to the stakeholders and society established through close engagements. CIPG has four main activities, namely:

  • research,
  • consultancy-Advisory,
  • capacity building and
  • policy intervention;

not only in Indonesia, but also in the context of South East Asia. Working under a broad theme as such, CIPG mainly focuses on major issues such as:

  • Innovation management and policy
  • Technology and social change
  • Science and technology development strategy and policy
  • Sustainable development
  • Knowledge management
  • Supply chain management
  • Corporate governance
  • Civil society empowerment

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, several CIPG’s associates are also affiliated with research centres in the United Kingdom. With well-experienced research staff, CIPG is becoming the leading advisory group combining sub-national and international organisations.

Please contact us if you need further details about what CIPG provides or download the full brochure here.